Developing Skills for Women Leadership in Climate Action: Online Course

A useful learning and networking opportunity: The Developing Skills for Women Leadership in Climate Action online course

Women4Climate is pleased to announce the launch of Developing Skills for Women Leadership in Climate Action, a 4-week online course.

This online course aims to empower and inspire women and girls to strengthen their leadership skills in order to deliver green climate initiatives rooted in the principles of inclusion and equity.

The course was developed with support from the Fondation L’Oréal and with the participation of academics and experts from Columbia Climate School and CARE.

We also counted on valuable contributions from inspiring climate leaders and experts such as Inna Braverman, Louise Marix-Evans, Mary Anne Hitt, Natalie Isaacs, Renata Koch Alvarenga, David Miller, Luisa Miranda Morel, Vanessa Nakate, Lerato Ngakane, Alexandra Palt, Daniel Ruiz Carrascal, Caterina Sarfatti, Jeff Schlegelmilch, Muna Suleiman, Professor Laurence Tubiana.

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