Climate Adaptation Roundtable: free webinar, January 12

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Climate Adaptation Roundtable free webinar on January 12.

Climate-tech is Evolving

For the last 20 years ‘Climate’ and ‘ClimateTech’ has been mostly focused on the ‘transition to a low carbon economy’, which necessarily will continue; however, many of us are starting to recognize that the Adaptation* ‘side’ of Climate is of equal importance, yet somehow overlooked.

Fire & Heat, …..but Mostly Water Risk

Many of the ‘symptoms’ of a warmer atmosphere are water-related, which is why Mazarine is so committed to this side of Climate. This webinar’s discussion will include innovations and approaches that help industry and society adapt to an already changed climate spanning:  agriculture, heavy/light industry, finance/insurance, transportation, energy & water utilities, and cities.

Making an impact

The new climate reality, our new water reality, is most pronounced in Base-of-the-Pyramid communities around the world, where lives and livelihoods are already being destroyed – regardless of how many scooters are sold, offsets are transacted, or solar panels installed.   Recognition of this reality puts Climate Adaptation at the top of the list for forward-thinking impact investors.

Moderated, but Unscripted

Join this repartee-style webinar to listen in on our featured participants share their thesis, taxonomy, and specific areas of focus on the Adaptation ‘side’ of Climate.  Moderated, but unscripted, this discussion is sans-powerpoint, and will offer attendees high-calorie insights on where and how innovative companies and organizations are accelerating adaptation efforts, spanning technology, engineering, financing, and planning.  If you are focused on ‘Climate’ or ‘Water’ this discussion is for you.

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