Carbon Capture-as-a-Service: Scaling a new CCUS business model: free webinar, January 24

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: The Carbon Capture-as-a-Service: Scaling a new CCUS business model free webinar on January 24.

Intros – 10’

Carbon Capture – 20’

– Key figures from the Global CCS Institute’s report 2022

– What is CCUS’s role in achieving Net Zero?

Carbon Capture-as-a-Service – 15’

– What is Carbon Capture-as-a-Service? What problem does it address?

– Strengths and limitations of such a business model?

Perspectives – 20’

– Size of the CCUS industry and forecasts for 2030 & 2050?

– Share of Carbon Capture-as-a-Service?

– Which CCU pathways could benefit from large-scale Carbon Capture-as-a-Service?

– What is missing today to bring Carbon Capture to the scale required to reach Net Zero? (technology, funding, regulation…)

Wrap-up and Q&A – 15’.

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