Transforming the Clean Energy Workforce: free webinar, January 19

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in clean energy: The Transforming the Clean Energy Workforce free webinar on January 19.

Clean energy is clearly the way of the future and one of the fastest-growing and most innovative sectors in our economy. We are witnessing a sea change whereby top talent are combining their professional skills with a drive to shape an inclusive clean energy future. Our country and the world need the best, brightest, and passionate leaders to further the development and deployment of clean energy technologies, businesses, policies, and capital. This webinar will feature women-leaders who are doing just that.

The recent C3E award winners are an exemplary group of women leaders who are driving scientific breakthroughs, increasing energy access, improving electric power systems, and investing in groundbreaking technologies that will facilitate the clean energy transition. This webinar will highlight the incredible work of four C3E 2022 award winners, their career pathways, and their visions for career opportunities in the clean energy sector. A virtual networking event with speakers will immediately follow the session to answer your questions and give advice on clean energy career paths.

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