This New York program has trained 1,700 workers for green jobs. And it’s just getting started

Good news for New Yorkers:

Before he joined the Civilian Climate Corps, Robert Clark assumed building and electric work was all low-skilled labor, akin to “working at McDonald’s,” he said. That was before he learned to install electric heat pumps, maintain electric vehicle charging stations, and perform 3D image modeling of spaces about to get energy upgrades.

The apprenticeship program has been life-changing, Clark said. Before joining, he struggled to find work, in part because of a felony conviction for burglary. “It’s a no-brainer,” he said of joining the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC), which pays him $20 per hour to learn skills and receive the certifications he needs to get work. He hopes to go back to school to become an engineer.

Clark is one of 1,700 New Yorkers who has gone through the CCC, which was developed by BlocPower, a Brooklyn-based building electrification startup, and the city of New York. Read the full article on Fast Company.

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