Pathfinder Framework Launch: free webinar, January 25

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Pathfinder Framework Launch free webinar on January 25.

Achieving net-zero requires the transformation towards low-carbon products and services in all industries. However, today’s complex value chains provide little visibility or control over products’ emissions, resulting in inaccurate emissions accounting which hinders effective decarbonization measures.

Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT)’s Pathfinder Framework is resolving this challenge by taking a cross-sectoral approach to help organizations develop and exchange primary data-based product carbon footprints (PCFs). The requirements captured in it seek to further enhance data reliability and consistency across industries and value chains.

Join us on either 25 January at 4:30 PM CET or 26 January at 10:30 AM CET  for our virtual launch event of the updated Pathfinder Framework Version 2.0, where you will hear insights from some of the sustainability leaders who have been involved in its development. The launch event will consist of two separate 90 minute sessions moderated by Anna Stanley-Radière (WBCSD Director for Climate Transparency), and aims to explain why product-level data transparency is important, showcase how the Framework contributes towards this, and, most importantly, discuss what is needed to move towards implementation and full transparency on granular data.

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