The role of livestock in sustainable agri-food – are the metrics correct?: free webinar, January 25

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable food: The role of livestock in sustainable agri-food – are the metrics correct? free webinar on January 25.

The School of Sustainable Food and Farming is pleased to present our third bi-monthly speaker session ‘The role of livestock in sustainable agri-food – are the metrics correct?’. Professor Michael Lee, Deputy Vice Chancellor at Harper Adams University is an expert in sustainable livestock systems and holds a PhD in ruminant nutrition (protein and energy metabolism). Michael is one of the key driving forces within the School of Sustainable Food and Farming and has published over 300 research articles and papers relevant to his key areas of expertise.

A major challenge for the scientific community has been the development of fair metrics to evaluate the environmental, social, and economic impacts of livestock production systems, which enable feasible policy action scenarios that balance the protection of natural capital with food security. This session will focus on the current issues related to the quantification of livestock’s impacts on nature, briefly describing alternative metrics for simple yet more transparent impact accounting. Furthermore, it is argued that accounting singularly on environmental impacts ignores the broader value of livestock, and other agricultural commodities for that matter, as part of a circular food system which contributes to social resilience beyond one major anthropogenically-driven challenge such as climate change. Keeping these other aspects out of scope of consideration will likely invite unexpected and highly negative consequences that would backfire on any progress otherwise made.

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