Working in Renewable Energy (Solar): free webinar, February 9

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in renewables: The Working in Renewable Energy (Solar) free webinar on February 9.

Renewable energy is energy produced from sources like the sun and wind that are naturally replenished and do not run out. It can be used for electricity generation, space and water heating and cooling, transportation and more.

Within the climate tech industry and beyond, we’re dedicated to reducing the use of fossil fuels, since they take millions of years to replenish and cause significant damage to our environment.

Alternatives include solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal and biomass energy. All are incredibly useful energy sources, that cause little to no issues to our world, especially in comparison to fossil fuels.

In truth, they all deserve their time in the spotlight as a topic for Working in Sustainable Technology events, given how exciting and impactful they are as niches within the climate technology industry. However, this month we’re dedicating the event to Renewable Energy (Solar).

Speaker 1: Vincent Alder from Smart Reflectors

Speaker 2: Ross Kent from Q Cells.

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