The Role of Satellites in Meeting the Climate Crisis: free webinar, February 14-16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Role of Satellites in Meeting the Climate Crisis free webinar on February 14-16.

The global climate crisis requires solutions and tools at a global scale. As space technology and exploration continue to expand, the question emerges: can satellites help accelerate action to address the climate crisis?

Satellites can gather data about our planet at a scale and frequency only possible from space, providing unparalleled transparency with the potential to unlock new insight into climate crisis. Through innovative satellite remote sensing technology, there is an emerging capacity to pinpoint greenhouse gas emissions, quantify deforestation, improve water management and food security, develop early warning systems for extreme weather, detect wildfires, and measure changes in Earth’s vast oceans.

Join us on February 14, 15 and 16 and tune into our virtual discussion on the potential of satellites to rapidly deepen our understanding of climate change and spur new and improved solutions. Take a dive into how satellites can help address wildfires, detect greenhouse gas emissions, and improve water access and food security. Hear from scientists, academics, and environmental leaders about what we can learn through satellites today and what more is needed to harness space technology in the fight against climate change.

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