Firstplanit – the why, how and what of sustainable building materials: free webinar, February 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in the built environment: The Firstplanit – the why, how and what of sustainable building materials free webinar on February 23.

In this second event of our 2023 Integrated Building Design webinar series, Ankita Dwivedi from Firstplanit will lend her expertise on sustainable building materials.

When it comes to building, every product purchase has an impact, be it environmental, social, financial or related to health. These impacts have never been assessed and assimilated into a holistic impact landscape, set out in a transparent, rigorously researched, data-driven, personalised, user-friendly and free digital format. Firstplanit’s mission is to improve health, wellbeing, and sustainability in the construction sector by making complex building material and product decisions explicable for everyone – from governments, to business to those interested in DIY. Ankita will share why she has devoted many years to building Firstplanit, what it does, and how it is helping building teams make informed and considered choices in achieving their project goals.

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