Sustainable Places: Climate Adapted Cities: free webinar, February 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in the built environment: The Sustainable Places: Climate Adapted Cities free webinar on February 15.

In this Sustainable Places: Climate Adapted Cities event we will explore how city strategists are using nature-based solutions to help urban infrastructures adapt to unprecedented climate impacts, including heatwaves, flooding, air and water pollution and storms.

Solutions like green roofs and walls, rain gardens and green spaces are already being delivered by the new but fast-growing field of urban green infrastructure, but there are also challenges created by retrofitting buildings, transport, water and energy systems.

Join our panel of experts to explore how the built environment sector can help implement, manage and maintain biodiverse urban landscapes – and the changes needed to get there.

We will discuss new opportunities for employment, training and skills; financing mechanisms that account for more than just economic returns; real empowerment of people, communities and organisations; and radical collaborations between health, ecology, planning, design, construction management and maintenance.

We will imagine what scale of change might be possible for healthier, fairer and more resilient societies, and what steps we can take to make cities nature-based.

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