Sustainability meets aviation: Clash of the carbons with Ian Cornwell: free webinar, February 16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in the sustainable aviation: The Sustainability meets aviation: Clash of the carbons with Ian Cornwell free webinar on February 16.

Join Aerospace Xelerated on February 16th for our first AX Educational Series featuring a portfolio company from cohort 1, KrakenIM!

AX in conversation with Ian Cornwell, Director of KrakenIM, will deep dive into sustainability best practices in aerospace. Expect an insightful presentation around embodied carbon, scope 4 emissions, and examples of how KrakenIM works with companies to lower their overall carbon emissions.

The discussion will include a clear explanation of the difference between embodied and operational carbon, and the importance of considering them when making decisions about reducing carbon footprint. Understanding this distinction can help organisations and individuals to make informed decisions about reducing carbon emissions. The earlier you make those decisions the bigger effect you can have.

Key lessons:

1) The difference between embodied and operational carbon and emission scopes

2) How each has an impact on the carbon footprint of your products, services and assets

3) How to make more informed decisions about reducing the carbon footprint.

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