Assessing Nature Based Solutions with LCA: free webinar, March 16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Assessing Nature Based Solutions with LCA free webinar on March 16.

Welcome to our webinar where we will take a look at what Nature Based Solutions are all about and how methods for assessing their impacts on nature are evolving.

Nature based solutions are ways to solve societal challenges by working with nature, instead of destroying it. They can be described as place-based partnerships between people and nature.

Dr. Kimberly Samaha, CEO of Born Global Foundation, will introduce Nature Based Solutions and talk about how this new umbrella concept is driving new forms of metrics and measures. She will share some thoughts about the complexity of systems that include socio-ecological factors.

Dr. Gregory Norris, world leading LCA expert and Harvard & MIT professor, will explain to us how Environmental Life Cycle Assessment can be used to assess the impacts of Nature Based Solutions and whether or not assessing those is different from regular products or businesses.

As before, there will be a Q&A session after the two keynotes and we look forward to active participation and good questions to our two expert speakers.

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