Climate Career Coaching: What Exactly Is It?

I’ll be presenting at the Climate Coaching Alliance Global Festival next month. Note, this presentation is about the nature of climate career coaching rather than advice about securing a climate career. This is just one presentation in a large line-up of climate-related talks which will no doubt be of interest to many people working in climate, not just coaches. The whole festival is free access for all.

We probably all have a general idea about what “climate career coaching” means, but are we all thinking the same thing?

In this talk, we’ll unpack some issues regarding climate career coaching including:

  • Differences in nomenclature: “climate careers,” “green jobs,” “environmental careers,” and “sustainability jobs”
  • The degree to which a climate career coach needs to be an “expert” in climate
  • The different modes of climate career coaching
  • Some simple frameworks for organizing climate knowledge in coaching discussions (The Four Climate Intelligences and The Three Levels of Climate Literacy).

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