How ESG factors are shaping risk management and the role of risk managers: free webinar, March 14

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The How ESG factors are shaping risk management and the role of risk managers free webinar on March 14.

The rising importance of ESG is clear, but how does it affect risk professionals? This session on Tuesday 14 March, will discuss:

What is ESG, and what are the primary ESG issues facing organizations today?

How ESG connects with risk manager’s traditional responsibilities with insights from our 2022 ESG Risk Managers Survey

Illustrations of how some risk managers are addressing E, S and G issues at their organization… with strategies you can use today

Key takeaways:

A deeper understanding on where to best focus your organization’s efforts in developing and managing ESG strategies

How to repurpose your enterprise risk management framework to govern ESG initiatives


John Merkovsky, Head of Risk & Analytics and Global Large Account Strategy, WTW

Lisa Lipuma, Director of Enterprise and Transition Risk Consulting, WTW.

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