Seasonality in the EU Carbon Market: Is now the right time to invest?: free webinar, March 22

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in carbon markets: The Seasonality in the EU Carbon Market: Is now the right time to invest? free webinar on March 22.

The price of European Carbon Allowances (EUAs) has traded up to record levels since reforms to the EU Emissions Trading System were finalised in December. This leads to the question: Have I missed the boat or are prices expected to rise further?

In this webinar, SparkChange carbon market experts discuss the recent price drivers, how seasonality has impacted carbon prices historically and how the regulatory reform and company behaviour will impact EUA prices.

Gain a comprehensive view of:

‣ Seasonality and correlation in EUA pricing

‣ Changes to the compliance cycle timeline, and their effects

‣ Recent behaviour of key market participants and resulting market impact: a) Investors returning to the market b) Utilities delaying EUA purchases, including hot-off-the-press analysis of recent annual reports

‣ How the Fit-for-55 reform reduces EUA supply

Join us on 22nd March to discover market trends and scenarios in the world’s largest carbon market.

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