Fighting climate change with the help of agile: free webinar, March 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Fighting climate change with the help of agile free webinar on March 23.

David is a Product Manager at a startup supporting the cement & concrete industry to decarbonize. He stumbled into agile and product management around the year 2016 and from there on has been part of several product teams working on very diverse products ranging from payment integrations in a travel webshop to machine learning-based control software for cement plants.

And he brings to us what his team has done to fight climate change with the help of agile.

Did you know that the cement & concrete industry is responsible for ~8% of worldwide carbon emissions?

And did you know that there are means – known for years already – to reduce this by 40-60%?

In this session, I’ll talk about why this hasn’t been done so far and how applying agile ways of working can have a huge impact not only on your users but on the whole world we’re living in.

Be ready to get inspired to (re-)focus on what really counts: creating value.

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