How JFK’s New Microgrid Will Reduce Emissions and Boost Resilience: free webinar, March 30

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in clean energy: The How JFK’s New Microgrid Will Reduce Emissions and Boost Resilience free webinar on March 30.

Schneider Electric and its joint venture AlphaStruxure are illuminating a new pathway to decarbonizing air transportation at the New Terminal One (NTO) at John F. Kennedy International Airport. As NTO’s Energy as a Service provider, AlphaStruxure will design, build and operate an integrated microgrid that will provide more sustainable, resilient, cost-predictable and locally generated energy. Featuring the largest rooftop solar array in New York City and on any airport terminal in the United States, this project will deliver immediate greenhouse gas emission reductions of 38 percent over grid-sourced energy and will be the first resilient airport transit hub in the region that can function independently of the power grid.

In this webinar, attendees who are looking for more sustainable, resilient energy will learn about:

  • The New Energy Landscape and market trends on delivering a cleaner, more resilient future
  • Description of microgrids and key components, including an overview of Energy as a Service business model
  • How on-site microgrids can serve as a solution to decarbonize the U.S.’s critical infrastructure
  • How the microgrid at JFK NTO will deliver reliable, clean and cost predictable power over the long-term


  • Sarah Golden, Vice President, Energy, GreenBiz Group


  • Jana Gerber, President, Microgrid North America, Schneider Electric
  • Juan Macias, CEO, AlphaStruxure.

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