Making the Case for Nature-Based Solutions: free webinar, April 25

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in NbS: The Making the Case for Nature-Based Solutions free webinar on April 25.

Interested in investing in nature-based solutions but need to know more about measuring the return on your investment?: You are not alone. Even though investment in NBS is on the rise, the full range of economic and societal benefits for NBS are not widely understood and therefore are not sufficiently used to support the business and investment case for NBS.

The European project Invest4Nature is working to create a better understanding of the economic and financial performance of NBS, considering their role for mitigation as well as climate risk reduction, to promote both public and private investments in NBS and accelerate market uptake.

Join this 45-min webinar “Making the case for investing in nature-based solutions”, the first in a series of others organised by Invest4Nature, to find out how you can benefit from the project’s work, express your interest in being involved in the co-production of solutions and become part of a wide NBS community!

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