US Farm Bill and Biochar: Updates for a Global Audience: free webinar, April 20

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: The US Farm Bill and Biochar: Updates for a Global Audience free webinar on April 20.

In a panel convened by the Carbon Business Council, International Biochar Initiative, and US Biochar Initiative, we will explore how the US Farm Bill could support expansions of biochar usage in agriculture and implications on the biochar carbon credits market, as well as the global biochar industry. The panel will include a variety of experts in the biochar and carbon removal field. We look forward to seeing you there!


– Wendy Lu McGill, Executive Director at the International Biochar Initiative

-Ben Rubin, Executive Director at the Carbon Business Council

-Sebastian Manhart, Senior Policy Advisor at Carbonfuture

-Lauren Breynaert, Partnerships and Policy Director at Myno Carbon

-Dr. David A Laird, Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University

-Amy McCrae Kessler, Co-Founder at the US Biochar Coalition.

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