How Can Animal Agriculture Drive Sustainability Solutions?: free webinar, May 16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in food: The How Can Animal Agriculture Drive Sustainability Solutions? free webinar on May 16.

According to the 2023 Power of Meat report, 98% of American households purchase meat. But with foods like meat and dairy at the center of heated debates about healthy diets and sustainable food systems, consumers are demanding more information than ever about how food choices align with their values.

In this webcast, we will discuss how organizations in animal agriculture are working to prove that their sector can drive sustainability solutions. Join us to learn what animal agriculture organizations have committed to do, as well as how they are collecting and reporting data to verify progress toward shared goals.

Webcast topics will include:

  • Progress in supply chain-wide data collection and reporting
  • Achievements, goals, and next steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • On-farm principles, practices, and innovations for environmental stewardship


  • Joel Makower, Chairman & Co-Founder, GreenBiz Group


  • Eric Mittenthal, Chief Strategy Officer, North American Meat Institute
  • Ashely McDonald, Assistant Vice President, Sustainability, National Pork Board
  • Jesse Patrick, Farmer-Leader, United Soybean Board
  • Sam Wildman, Senior Program Officer, World Wildlife Fund

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