TenU Hosts Climate Tech: free webinar, May 17

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The TenU Hosts Climate Tech free webinar on May 17.

Governments and companies across the world are aiming to achieve net-zero emissions targets. These will only be achieved with technological innovations. Reports suggest that climate tech investments are soaring, but climate tech is a broad field. Selecting the most promising technologies with the highest impact is key. How can we focus efforts and concentrate our resources?

TenU Hosts Climate Tech will bring together an international panel of leading professionals in the field to discuss these and other questions:

  • Who is investing in climate tech?
  • How do we select the best ideas?
  • How do we best concentrate the resources?
  • What do we need to accelerate the path to market?
  • How can we create policies to ensure the greatest impact?

TenU member Karin Immergluck, Associate Vice Provost at the Office of Technology Licensing at Stanford University, will chair the panel featuring:

  • Alyssa Gilbert, Director of Innovation at Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London
  • Danijel Višević, Founding Partner at World Fund
  • Dovina Qu, Senior Licensing Officer at Columbia Technology Ventures, Columbia University
  • Jane Jin, Co-founder and COO at OXCCU Tech
  • Kyle Teamey, Managing Partner at RA Capital’s Planetary Health

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