Work on Climate Community Success Stories: free webinar, May 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity: The Work on Climate Community Success Stories free webinar on May 23.

Work on Climate is excited to welcome you to our monthly Success Stories event for May 2023. This month we have two panelists, Andrew Denu (LinkedIn : and Juan Felipe Aranguren ( LinkedIn :

Andrew is the Commercial Lead at Andes, a carbon removal startup based in the Bay Area that converts CO2 into minerals using microorganisms. Before joining Andes, he spent 6 years working in East Africa, scaling new technology in the solar, fintech, and agriculture space with a specific focus on smallholder farmers and the voluntary carbon markets. His experience spans the public, NGO, and private sectors with a focus on business development and product management. Andrew is originally from Wisconsin.

Juan is a purpose-driven human. A business grad in a past life he pivoted to software engineering and later on found his calling in climate, inspired by both the necessity of stopping the crisis, and the opportunity of building a fantastic future. He is a Climatebase fellow and currently works on electric batteries and (electric) micro mobility at Vammo in Latin America. (and is madly in love with the Solarpunk ethos ).

We will be engaging with them in an hour long discussion to know more about the highlights and lowlights about their journey into climate. There will be a dedicated Q&A section where the audience can ask their questions to our panelists.

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