The Future of Food: New Trends for Sustainable, Healthy and Tasty Food: free webinar, May 24

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in food: The Future of Food: New Trends for Sustainable, Healthy and Tasty Food free webinar on May 24.

There is an emerging major battle underway between incumbent players from the meat industry and proponents of the alternative meat industry. While evidence continues to mount that current meat production is a major contributor to climate change, deforestation and water pollution, it is also true that it is a major economic driver, providing jobs and income for millions worldwide. Change is a given, and change has always been hard, but unlike other changes required to combat climate change, this change is going to be even harder because it impacts the choices people will make every single day each time they have a meal.

Certainly, a key factor will have to come from consumer willingness to change the way they eat, whether for ethical reasons, health concerns, or ecological goals, but it is certain that the outcome of this battle will have a significant impact on the future of our food system. Without trying to delve directly in the “fake meat” debate, we’ll focus on the expansion of consumer choices with other food alternatives such as better ways to produce at scale the food we already know and love, and alternative protein sources. Our panelists are innovators and disruptors of the status quo, who are developing new technologies based on AI, and more, to address the problem at scale and from a new perspective.

In this webinar, we’ll cut through the hype and the long term vision statements to touch on the practical challenges faced by the innovators and what they are doing to overcome hurdles. Our panel will discuss among other topics:

– How do they bring sustainability at scale in producing well liked food that is currently negatively impacting the planet in its current production methods?

– How will they bring down production costs to make sustainable food more affordable by most?

– Is this a zero-sum game, where new production technologies totally replace existing methods, or will there be a happy medium where some evolution in current methods might co-exist with the new solutions being developed?

– How can the audience contribute to supporting their efforts?

The panel

Daniel Russek, founder and CEO of Atarraya, Making Shrimp the Future of Protein with its Plug-and-Grow ShrimpBoxes.

Alexander Olesen, CEO of Babylon Micro-Farms, Farm-to-Table Produce on Demand, All Year

Antoine Hubert, co-founder CEO of Ÿnsect, Healthy insect nutrition for people and planet

Moderator: Phac Le Tuan, co-founder, X-ClimateTech Bay Area

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