Expert Panel Discussion on Cultivated Meat & the Global Halal Food Market: free webinar, August 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in food: The Expert Panel Discussion on Cultivated Meat & the Global Halal Food Market free webinar on August 23.

Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible or lawful” in English. The word refers to what Muslims are allowed to do in their lives, especially when it comes to food and drink.

If a Muslim wants to eat meat, they must make sure that it comes from a source which is in accordance with Islamic teachings, which emphasize the need for a proper slaughter process.

So where does cultivated meat fit in the diet of the global islamic community and how will it change the way they eat? Is there a market for cultivated meat for this particular community? And does it differ based on region? These are some of the key topics we will be discussing with a panel of experts in this exciting webinar hosted by Big Idea Ventures & GFI APAC.

Tune in to understand the potential of this untapped market for cultivated meat, the amazing work being done by startups in this field and its contribution in creating a more sustainable future!

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