How to Address Scope 3 Complexity in the FMCG Industry: free webinar, August 31

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The How to Address Scope 3 Complexity in the FMCG Industry free webinar on August 31.

Supply chain emissions, known as Scope 3, have a particularly large impact on companies’ carbon footprints in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, where they account for 90% of total emissions. The problem: companies cannot reduce these Scope 3 emissions themselves, but instead have to enable a complex and global network of suppliers to do so.

How does a major enterprise still on the path of climate transformation, like Unilever, deal with this challenge?

At the CHOICE Event #60, Francois Tasmowski, Global Business Operations Climate Director at Unilever, will answer this question and provide exclusive insights into his work to drive collaboration with suppliers on climate action.

Among other things, he will address questions such as:

– What concrete steps has Unilever taken to address its Scope 3 complexity?

– What challenges and obstacles have arisen along the way?

– How were these obstacles overcome and what best practices emerge from this?

– What software tools can help accelerate supplier collaboration?

Our expert:

Francois Tasmowski has 10 years of experience in leveraging sustainability as a driver of innovation in FMCG. As Global Business Operations Climate Director at Unilever, he is enabling the transformation of Unilever business groups towards Net Zero.

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