From Risk to Resilience: Bank Readiness for Climate Risk Regulation: free webinar, August 24

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in finance: The From Risk to Resilience: Bank Readiness for Climate Risk Regulation free webinar on August 24.

Change is on the horizon for banks and insurers as climate risk regulations are set to shape the financial landscape. Fortunately, various resources are available to aid in their preparation for compliance. Embracing best practices becomes crucial in navigating this transformative shift. For banks, assessing climate risks and integrating sustainability considerations into lending decisions will be paramount, influencing the overall lending system. Insurance companies are already witnessing significant changes too, as they adapt their risk assessment models to account for climate-related events and integrate environmentally conscious products into their portfolios. By proactively addressing climate risk, banks and insurers can position themselves as responsible and resilient players in the evolving financial industry, safeguarding their interests and contributing to a sustainable future.

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