Environmental Life Cycle Impacts of Technology: free webinar, October 11

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in LCA: The Environmental Life Cycle Impacts of Technology free webinar on October 11.

Join us for a fireside chat about the environmental challenges of ICT and Tech products & solutions. We will talk about how digital does not necessarily equal sustainable, what to consider when you are making tech solutions and how Environmental LCA can help in finding more sustainable ways of designing and using tech products & solutions.

We are stuck with our smartphones, laptops and cloud services – at least to some extent – but we can influence just how harmful those are to the environment.

Our speakers at this webinar are:

Gerry McGovern – The author of eight books on digital content and data. His latest book, World Wide Waste, examines the impact data waste and e-waste are having on the environment and what to do about it. Gerry developed Top Tasks, a research method used by hundreds of organizations to help identify what truly matters. The Irish Times has described Gerry as one of five visionaries who have had a major impact on the development of the Web.

Elin Hauge – An AI and Business strategist and public speaker. Elin is an experienced leader and business advisor with strong business acumen across industries. As advisor and speaker her role is to help leaders navigate in the complex landscape of data-driven technologies, sustainability, and responsibility. She speaks about bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies on one side and business value, sustainable digitalization, and responsible application on the other side.

Matthias Schulz – CEO of Schulz Sustainability Consulting. He will join our webinar as an LCA expert. Matthias is one of Environmental Impacts Academy’s professors and has a broad experience in the sustainability sector, from both business and academia.

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