Regenerative Impact Investment Day: free webinar, September 12

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in finance: The Regenerative Impact Investment Day free webinar on September 12.

Climate change has highlighted that reducing negative impacts isn’t enough. We need to actively build healthy and resilient systems that are fit for the future.

With countless crises currently facing society, we need forward-thinking investment that delivers deep and tangible impact. What we need is regenerative investment.

Our upcoming event will address the pressing need for a transformative shift in our approach to impact finance via the lens of regenerative agriculture.

At the Regenerative Impact Investment Day, we’ll be joined by thought-leaders to explore:

– The emerging paradigm of regenerative investment and how this looks in practice

– How investors can contribute to regenerative growth while making a fair return

– Concrete strategies and structures, as well as case studies of regenerative finance

This event will be a catalyst for change, encouraging participants to challenge existing paradigms in the world of finance and explore how regenerative principles will impact future investment.

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