3 Pivotal Advances That Will Unlock Supply Chain Decarbonization: free webinar, September 28

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in supply chains: The 3 Pivotal Advances That Will Unlock Supply Chain Decarbonization free webinar on September 28.

With over 80 percent of emissions coming from outside a company’s direct operations (i.e. in the value chain) in most industries, the path to net zero is simply not achievable without decarbonizing the supply chain. Most companies have been on the ‘onramp’ toward this immense and complex challenge, setting targets, publishing net zero commitments, and using predictive analytics and models to estimate the current state. This session explores this problem space and three pivotal advances that are poised to unlock supply chain decarbonization within and across industries.

Here is what you can expect from this session:

From prediction to measurement – The essential role of primary supplier data, and rebalancing the use of predictive approaches with high-scale/low-touch tools like carbon hotspot mapping, to inform that engagement strategy

Broadening the scope to small and midsize enterprises – and the required development of suppliers’ carbon maturity journey to drive reductions

Global collaboration – Product – level carbon footprint (“PCF”) data exchange that will catalyze and connect the dots to empower carbon-informed consumer and B2B purchase decisions.

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