How Buyers Can Scale High-Quality Carbon Dioxide Removal for Climate Impact: free webinar, September 26

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: The How Buyers Can Scale High-Quality Carbon Dioxide Removal for Climate Impact free webinar on September 26.

What is the role of buyers in scaling high-quality carbon dioxide removal? In this webinar, experts from Carbon Direct and Microsoft will discuss the challenges in the voluntary carbon market and the unique role that buyers have to play in helping to address those challenges. Learn why buyer demand is critical to bringing quality carbon dioxide removal to the scale needed to meet global climate change mitigation targets, and how buyers can assess and identify high-quality projects in the process.

Developed through a collaboration between Microsoft and Carbon Direct, the Criteria for High-Quality Carbon Dioxide Removal provides a set of science-based benchmarks for the development of carbon dioxide removal projects that can be used by stakeholders across the industry to drive just, effective climate action at scale.

In this GreenBiz webinar, experts from Microsoft and Carbon Direct will offer an inside look into the scientific, policy, and other considerations that inform the 2023 Criteria.

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