How to Figure Out What You Want Next in Your Career


If you’re thinking of switching careers, then the best book to read is probably Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success by Dawn Graham as discussed on the Suggested Reading page. In the meantime, it’s worth reading this new Harvard Business Review article:

Whether you’re making a complete career change or want to refocus your current role on what feels most meaningful to you, pivots can feel dizzying. However, drafting a simple scorecard of what you do and don’t want can change the process into one that’s energizing and meaningful rather than daunting. Finding an employer and role that are value-aligned can reveal opportunities that you might not have thought about or even noticed before. The author presents three areas of focus to help you assess your values and several questions to help you assess value alignment with potential employers — or your current one. Read the full article on Harvard Business Review.

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