How to pivot to a new career in 2022

pivot to a new career

If you’re thinking of switching careers, then the best book to read is probably Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success by Dawn Graham as discussed on the Suggested Reading page. In the meantime, it’s worth reading this new Fast Company article:

Changing careers is a big decision. This is especially true if you feel like you lack sufficient experience in your new field. However, if you’re feeling completely wiped out from your current job, and wrestling with symptoms of burnout, now might be an ideal moment to consider a new job or a career switch. After all, lots of other people are feeling the same way: A staggering 4.4 million workers left their jobs in September 2021.

As Shelley Zalis, chief executive of the Female Quotient, says, “Life is precious. Too precious to spend time in a job you hate where you feel undervalued, underpaid, and uninspired. […] It’s no longer the impressive title, corner office, or big bonus, but having more flexibility to pursue our passions and be present with our families.”

Here a few tips if you’re ready to take a leap and change careers in 2022. Read the full article on Fast Company.

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