The people moving from high to low-carbon careers

low-carbon careers

It’s always good to be reminded that you are not alone. Read about others switching to green jobs on the BBC:

Watching the Red Arrows jet across the sky as a young boy, Todd Smith knew that flying was what he wanted to do when he was older.

After five years’ training, costing £100,000, followed by two years working as a flying instructor, he finally landed his dream job in his late twenties – working as an airline pilot.

But in 2019, the travel firm he was working for – Thomas Cook – collapsed.

By this time Mr Smith had become increasingly concerned about the growing threat of climate change, and the aviation sector’s carbon emissions.

“I started connecting the dots, and was met with an uncomfortable conflict,” he says

“I wanted to get involved in [environmental protest group] Extinction Rebellion, but knew it would be career suicide, and I had a lot of debt. It would be easier to return to the industry and pay off the debt.”

Yet with the pandemic grounding aircraft, Mr Smith, who lives in the Berkshire town of Reading, decided to quit his high-flying career for good. Read the full article on the BBC.

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